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All kinds of packaging box customization

The first point: pvc packaging box because the product development time is relatively early, at this stage, the sales market on the pvc packaging box production technology has long been very mature, so the pvc packaging box in the sales market is more of a commodity. Transparent pp, therefore, the purchase of pvc packaging box is more cost-effective.

The second point: the main use of pvc packaging box is more common. We can use pvc packaging boxes to pack anything. In the end, in the most gradual case without a box, we are taking cloth or paper to wrap the object. And pvc packaging box is also the earliest occurrence of packaging boxes.

The third point: pvc packaging box is made of epoxy resin, when not can be applied after more very easy to dissolve, more environmental protection.

Along with the people's consumption ability to improve, customers tend to buy things in the psychological state slowly from the application of the change to the pursuit of perfect quality, well-known brands and even blind climbing. In the human and human emotional transmission also has the key efficacy in the selection of the box is also must be attentive, rubber box design program in the color and pattern design usually plays a visual effect on the impact, is one of the necessity to attract customers to buy. As the color and packaging echo correlation, the key according to the outer packaging color can indicate or reflect the inner packaging objects. Transparent pp, to make people see the outside packaging, most of them can recognize or think of the internal packaging. Transparent pp, for this problem, if we can go into the store to look at the goods, many products can not reflect this kind of association. The customer is unlikely to remember what the packaging object is from the surface. Transparent ppNaturally, merchandising does not have the marketing efficacy of a positive face. The general color of the outer packaging should have a different level of characteristics.