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Eco-friendly plastic box features? Specifically?

At present, the world, the development of green packaging needs to follow the "3R + 1D" principle, through the use of thermal energy incineration, production of recycled products, composting treatment to improve soil function, etc., to achieve the purpose of reuse; packaging waste through degradation without forming permanent waste, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the soil; green packaging materials for human and biological should be non-toxic and harmless. The content of the packaging material should be controlled below the standard. Another point is that the whole process of PVC plastic box packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use, waste recovery and recycling to final disposal should not cause harm to human body and the environment. This is based on the life cycle analysis method, with a system engineering point of view, the highest requirements for green packaging.

In the understanding of green packaging, there is a misunderstanding: that the APET box packaging made of biodegradable materials, or waste is easy to handle is "green packaging"; a common view is that all paper packaging is "green". Such an understanding is not comprehensive. Vigorous development of green packaging, good packaging reduction and waste disposal and resource recovery and reuse work, has great practical significance.