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Three key points of custom blister packaging

1. Appearance standards: the greater difference of custom blister packaging is that according to their own preferences can design solutions blister packaging appearance, the production of blister packaging products belonging exclusively to their own equipment. Customized a flawless blister packaging appearance, can show the device's distinctive features, in many blister packaging stand out, quickly occupy the customer's attention, at the same time also means their own well-known brand, there is no money to promote the planning of the actual effect. 

2. Suitable for the standard: as a custom blister products, suitable is the most important. In custom blister packaging, the most important thing is to give the blister packaging machine package length. The total width and the extreme standard key points. Blister packaging machine packaging specifications and the specific packaging goods there are differences, not only jeopardize the price, and to play the sample and mass production to produce excess economic losses and inconvenience. Blister packaging raw materials are: PVC, PET, PP, PS, anti-static. Flocking cloth, etc., in the industrial production of blister packaging and food blister packaging, the application of packaging products is extremely focused. It is also important to select the right material for your own equipment.

3. Qualified standards: This is also a problem for distributors. Industrial production blister packaging with industrial production blister packaging qualified standards, food blister packaging with food blister packaging qualified standards, according to the different characteristics of custom blister packaging, clear blister packaging is not qualified. There are also raw material problems, some companies will apply waste or unqualified raw materials, so the production of blister packaging products are not qualified, we must pay more attention to the process of finding a dealer.