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Advantages and disadvantages of packaging boxes and their classification

In our daily life, paper packaging boxes are essential daily necessities that we come in contact with every day. When we go to the mall to shop or eat and consume, we will encounter paper packaging products. So what are the benefits and disadvantages of paper packaging boxes?

Advantages: paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight can be folded, harmless, tasteless, pollution-free, etc.

Disadvantages: poor water resistance, poor strength when wet is a disadvantage of paper packaging can not be ignored.

Classification: From the materials used in paper packaging, paper packaging can be divided into two categories: wrapping paper and cardboard.

1, general packaging paper is collectively referred to as paper packaging, paper packaging performance requirements are mainly the following: high strength, low cost, good breathability, wear-resistant packaging used mostly as shopping bags, document bags, such as leather paper. Paper surface glossy, high strength packaging paper is mostly used as labels, clothing tags, bottle stickers, such as bleached paper. Supported by natural raw materials, harmless, high transparency, smooth surface, tensile, moisture-resistant, oil-resistant packaging paper, mostly used for food packaging, such as cellophane.

2, cardboard manufacturing raw materials and paper is basically the same, the main difference is the hardness, thickness, rigidity, easy processing type, is the main paper for sales packaging