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The impact of glossiness of transparent plastic box

With the high speed development trend of economic development, the packaging industry is becoming more and more transparent.

1、The gloss of transparent plastic box refers to the degree of mirror reflection on the surface of transparent packaging box, which is expressed as a percentage.

2, the higher the gloss of the transparent box, the more its surface can reflect light like a mirror, the more it can show a bright appearance and better reflect the sales power of the box

3, In fact, in addition to mirror reflection, there is also diffuse reflection on the surface of the transparent packaging box, which makes the gloss of the transparent packaging box decrease.

4、The more glossy the transparent plastic box is, the more vivid the ink color of the print is, and the visual effect of the ink is also good, which is also one of the reasons to improve the sales.

5, the smoother the transparent plastic box, the higher the gloss, and the higher the gloss of the printed color.

Therefore, when choosing a transparent box, choose a transparent box with a high degree of smoothness, which should be of such a high gloss and be very convenient to apply with a sense of beauty.