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5 elements to note in custom packaging boxes

Along with the improvement of consumer standards, many well-known brands love to work on the packaging of their products. The expectation is that the distinctive packaging can leave an original impression on consumers and make the product more attractive to show on the storage shelves. The following let Guangzhou Xilong Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. share with the group the 5 factors of special attention to custom packaging boxes.

1、Personalization: customer experience decision product success or failure. The key to the design of commodity packaging boxes is to highlight the shape and material beauty, contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythmic beauty of the box, to ensure that the box structure of the box is functional and exquisite in design, and then integrated into manufacturing, marketing and even application.

2, manufacturing: packaging box design to ensure safety, modeling design of the ultimate in addition, must take into account the design program can be completed accurately, quickly, mass production, can be conducive to workers quickly, accurate production processing, forming, loading and sealing and. Transparent tape box

3、Environmental protection: Protecting the environment starts from me, only the commodity box design that does not destroy the physical and mental health of people and does not pollute the environment can become the last choice of consumers.

4, modeling artistic sense: high artistic value of the goods more very easy to attract the attention of consumers, to produce artistic beauty, get the pro-gaze of consumers.

5、Safety: The original efficacy of the packaging box is to maintain the product will not be damaged, so the safety factor is very important for the packaging box, to ensure the safety of the goods and consumers is the most pressing foothold of the packaging box design.