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Why do more and more people like to use plastic boxes to package their products and what are the benefits?

A variety of different products make our daily life more and more colorful up, and a wonderful product all-clear plastic box, color printing plastic box, gauze plastic box packaging can make a good product more and more eye-catching attention, in addition to improve the product corporate image. On the contrary, it will produce the actual effect of negative information about the product. The reason for this situation is that most people are straight and feel that the first look represents everything. For this kind of situation, and how to create a new and different and attractive product packaging, what are the regularity can be found?

1. Considering the applicability of the outer packaging product packaging must first be fully considered applicability, convenient delivery.

Packaging is for the product, with a safe and convenient packaging design program is very critical. The applicability of packaging has many dimensions. For large products or fragile items, packaging design solutions must be critical to deal with how to better maintain the product according to the raw materials. If the product is to be placed on the display shelves of retail stores, the product packaging must be like a proud peacock unveiling itself in its most beautiful form, and this time the packaging design solution must spend a lot of thought in the visual representation of the packaging.

2. Choose the suitable packaging materials

We should design and conceive the packaging design of the product like the architects. No one wants to live in a house made of cheese, and if so, it is disgusting to think of the pungent smell in summer, so we should not use incorrect raw materials to build a house for the product. In the case of selecting raw materials for packaging, it is important to think about how to achieve a best balance. Here are a few common raw materials for plastic packaging boxes for reference:

PVC film, PET film, PP film: Generally used as folding boxes and packaging sleeves, these materials are lightweight and can show near-perfect packaging printing practical effects. Guangzhou Xilong Packaging Company produces and manufactures fully transparent plastic boxes, color printing plastic boxes, abrasive plastic boxes, blister packaging, pvc plastic boxes, pp plastic boxes, pet plastic boxes which are most suitable for packaging of food, dairy products, skin care products, drugs, 3C hardware configuration products and other retail products.

3. Designing the suitable packaging specifications

Specifications model specifications about the customer's shopping requirements and shopping habits we imagine a come to the mall to buy bananas, if we find that the mall banana apples are packed separately rather than the current stage of a handful of packaging, think about how consuming ah! Chances are you wouldn't be prone to buy this individually wrapped banana apple, would you? Although this is not a good way to individually package banana apples, it is not to say that other products are not packaged individually to meet the needs of the market; in fact, many food industries have upgraded this type of packaging to match the real consumer market.